for women with an eating disorder and/or anxiety

Individual Therapy


for therapists pursuing certification as an eating disorder specialist (CEDS)


Individual Therapy


You are already enough 

Individual Therapy

Develop fierce self-confidence so you stop deferring to everyone else and start trusting yourself

From the outside it seems you have it all together.
But on the inside, anxiety and doubt run rampant.

You keep checking the boxes and getting the gold stars, but you still feel empty and like it’s not enough.

You're totally preoccupied with work, with everything that needs to be done, and with your eating, weight, and shape. 

Your self-critic is relentless. 

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Developing fierce self-confidence that allows you to ditch the focus on self-improvement and enables you to trust that you are enough…right now...just as you are.

The antidote? 

Your eating disorder


The constant feeling of not-enoughness

It's possible to have freedom from:

Guess what? You’re NOT alone.

I've got you Covered

For any/all of the following...

Transitions are high-risk times for eating disorders to resurface. Let's proactively prevent eating disorder relapse during change and stressful life events (like dating, break-ups, getting married, moving, starting a new job, grief and loss). 


All of the (over)thinking and worrying can be utterly exhausting. Banish anxiety and doubt so you can live with more peace and joy. Often anxiety predates an eating disorder, and it tends to persist even after you stop using your ED behaviors, so this domain often needs some extra therapeutic TLC. 


Yep, I believe full recovery is possible. This means going beyond the normative body dissatisfaction and disordered eating that are typical in our culture. It entails eating intuitively (all foods are legal!), genuinely accepting yourself (body included!), and showing up for yourself with kindness and compassion (ditch that inner asshole!). 

Recover (FULLY) from your ED

Diet culture demands your time, energy, money, and self-worth. And it’s sneaky! We often aren’t even aware of its corrosive influence. We’ll work to uncover internalized messages and to reclaim freedom from its unhelpful rules, judgments, and expectations. 


Motherhood begins with pregnancy and extends beyond launching kids to college. The challenges are endless and ever changing, impacting our physical bodies, identity, relationships, and sanity. Wouldn’t it be nice to infuse motherhood with more peace, ease, and support? 


step three

Ultimately, it is not enough to get rid of the "bad" stuff (like anxiety, eating disorders, depression). You need to actively and intentionally add in more of the "good stuff:" joy, play, peace, ease, curiosity, wonder, gratitude, authentic connection. 

The good Stuff

step two

Face your incessant thinking, inner critic, and big emotions head on! You'll get clear on the ways you get caught in your head, as well as how you avoid, numb, and disconnect. Self-compassion is the secret sauce that helps get you out of this sticky mess. 


step one

It's time for you to start looking inside rather than outside (for answers, validation, approval, etc.). To build trust, you have to listen to and show up consistently for yourself. Mindfulness and meditation are key in connecting with your Wise Mind / intuition.  

Listen to and trust self

How my therapy process works:

Fear not...I do not do "psychoanalysis," which means you will not be lying on the couch during therapy sessions.
 This image simply illustrates the wonder of rest, chilling out, and being present.

I'm your gal!

ready to heal your relationship with food and your body

ready to be done with dieting, and ready to ditch obsessive thinking about food/weight/shape

a believer in (or at least open to) anti-diet, intuitive eating, and health at every size (HAES)

ready to take responsibility for your own life

curious, open, and willing

a fan of meaningful conversations

bright, pleasant, and witty

down-to-earth and authentic

I'm your gal if you're: 

Goodness of fit

knee deep in an out of control eating disorder and/or not interested in giving up your eating disorder

fixated on weight loss, and losing weight is your main goal for seeking therapy

opposed to mindfulness and meditation

suicidal or actively self-harming

a party animal with heavy substance use

under 16-years-old

seeking treatment for someone other than yourself (send them to my website so they can reach out to me directly!)

not interested in making changes or doing something differently

I'm not your gal if you're: 


Individual Therapy


Length of each session


Frequency of sessions

50 minutes

Cost / Therapy Session

The Fine Print

Payment is due at the time of session via credit card, cash, or check. 

Appointments available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 8am-3pm. 
In person or virtual. 

Dr. Smith is not in-network with any insurance companies. 

The full fee is charged for missed sessions or appointments cancelled with less than 48-hours notice. 

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