i'm here to help you fully recovery from your eating disorder and/or anxiety

I'm Lucy Smith


Licensed Psychologist (PhD) and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS-S)

Right. On. Track. 

Or was I? 

During my first year of college, I accidentally nose-dived into an eating disorder. I literally felt like I was going crazy, totally consumed with food, weight, and exercise.

I nailed recovery (like any good perfectionist) and considered myself solidly recovered within 3-5 years. 

Fast forward about 15 years. I knew I was in trouble when I’d come home late from a long day of seeing clients too depleted to read my kids a bedtime story. I knew things weren’t going well when I spent more time on my laptop than with real humans.  

Then, I reached a low point when I yelled at my kids for laughing too much while watching YouTube, telling them they should be doing something more productive like reading a book or practicing piano. 

Are you ready to make some changes? You already have everything you need inside of you to light up the world. You just have to tune in and trust yourself enough to strike the match. 

Enough was enough. 

I started working less. I practiced meditation more consistently. I took naps. I prioritized meaningful connections. I gave myself permission to travel more, even if it meant leaving my kids at home. And I learned how to be compassionate with myself (which has been the biggest game changer of every tool I have ever learned)

If you're here, you're taking a hard look at your life and recovery. You've likely experienced a pivotal "What the heck?" moment of your own.  

Who the heck yells at her kids for laughing too much?

Together we’ll rediscover your fire. 🔥 

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To really listen to ourselves, we need quiet and stillness. Practice Meditation. 

Therapy is hard work, but it can also be filled with laughter and lightness. 

My goal as your therapist is to make myself obsolete. 

The "goodness of fit" between therapist and client is key. 
You're allowed to be picky in choosing a therapist! 

What I believe about THERAPY


Still in private practice, helping women level up their eating disorder recoveries


Credentialed by IAEDP as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS)


Opened a private practice, specializing in eating disorders


PhD in Clinical Psychology from University of Colorado at Boulder


MA in Clinical / Counseling Psychology from SMU


Got help for an eating disorder (therapy + dietitian)

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My essentials

Orange kitties. Brothers. Bastards. 

Orange and Crush

Our beloved French Bulldog


Beaches and Mountains! 


Time with my husband. 

Date Night

Two daughters. Source of joy. Also source of grey hair. 

My Girls

Do less to be more. 

Compassion is the most powerful tool you can offer yourself.

Practice often.


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