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Individual Therapy

You're so tired of being trapped in your head and of feeling not good enough. You also might be really hard on yourself. Lucy specializes in treating both eating disorders and anxiety (and the two often overlap). 

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Meditation for "Bad Meditators"

In this 30-day guided journey delivered straight to your Inbox, Lucy's packaged up the essential teachings and practices to help you become a kick ass, confident, and consistent meditator. 

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Professional Consultation

Are you a therapist interested in becoming a certified eating disorder specialist (CEDS) through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP)?
If so, Lucy is an approved supervisor 

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Hey, I'm Lucy Smith, PhD!

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Your guide to freedom from what's keeping you stuck in your head and disconnected from peace and ease in your life

For over a decade, I’ve helped women not only recover from eating disorders but banish anxiety and doubt. I help women develop fierce self-confidence so they can stop deferring to everyone else and start trusting themselves. 

I have lived this. I had an eating disorder in college, and there is so much I know now that I wish I’d known earlier in my journey. I was “recovered” from my eating disorder but something still felt off. I worked all the time, was on autopilot in my relationships, and still felt like I needed to chase the next achievement to be “good enough.”

I needed to address the underlying anxiety and not-enoughness. I needed to give myself permission to be fully and authentically human. 
After that, my life caught fire. I traveled more, developed solid self-care practices (yes, this includes both meditation and much more rest and play), learned to prioritize myself, and started a new business. I laughed more. I breathed more. I connected more. I loved more.  And…

I am going to show you exactly what I learned so you don’t have to waste more time trying to figure it out on your own (because they don’t teach you this in traditional ED therapy).

ditch your whip and stop being an asshole to yourself

speak your truth unapologetically instead of swallowing the bold statements and zinger comeback

ask for what you want and need *(permission permanently granted)

stop comparing because your self-worth > the number on the scale, the likes on social media, or the status of your job or relationship

navigate through big feelings without missing a beat

get feedback from others without doubting yourself or falling to pieces

prioritize play and fun (ready to laugh so hard you almost pee in your pants?)

find freedom from guilt and obsession with your eating/weight/body

Bottom line: I will teach you how to 1) listen to and trust yourself, 2) unstick from obsessive thinking, 3) befriend your emotions, and 4) show up for yourself with compassion. 

Abundant peace and fierce self-confidence. 

When you work with lucy, You'll:

I'm your gal!

ready to heal your relationship with food and your body

ready to be done with dieting, and ready to ditch obsessive thinking about food/weight/shape

a believer in (or at least open to) anti-diet, intuitive eating, and health at every size (HAES)

ready to take responsibility for your own life

curious, open, and willing

a fan of meaningful conversations

bright, pleasant, and witty

down-to-earth and authentic

I'm your gal if you're: 

Goodness of fit

knee deep in an out of control eating disorder and/or not interested in giving up your eating disorder

fixated on weight loss, and losing weight is your main goal for seeking therapy

opposed to mindfulness and meditation

suicidal or actively self-harming

a party animal with heavy substance use

under 16-years-old

seeking treatment for someone other than yourself (send them to my website so they can reach out to me directly!)

not interested in making changes or doing something differently

I'm not your gal if you're: 

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It's totally possible 

Are you ready for more peace and ease in your life?

Fierce self-confidence begins with self-trust. And the best way to build self-trust is to show up for ourselves consistently.

Meditation is the BEST tool to listen to and trust ourselves.

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