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You’ve done everything you were supposed to do: years of therapy, kicking ass at top notch schools, an enviable resume, the dream job. As your accomplishments pile hile and higher, your negative self-talk seems to get louder and louder:

“Ugghhh. I hate the photo Laura posted of me on Snapchat. Maybe I should try intermittent fasting?”

“My boss thinks I did a crappy job in our meeting this afternoon. He totally regrets hiring me.”

You’ve stopped binging, purging, restricting, or overexercising but you feel blah and muted, and each day feels like a lot of work. 

Crack! [wuh-PSSSH.] Hello to the whip of self-flagellation! 

Trying to escape the never ending chatter, you crawl into bed at 9:30pm, desperate for rest, only to lose an hour of your life mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. 

You keep checking the boxes and getting the gold stars but you still feel empty and like it’s not enough: you could get a higher paying job at the “better” company, more likes on Instagram, a house that feels perfectly pulled together. Will it ever feel good enough? (And wasn’t it a similar line of thought that got you to your eating disorder in the first place?)

You bound out of bed, and instead of reaching for your phone, you plop down onto your meditation cushion to center yourself for the day. 
After nailing your presentation at the morning meeting, you opt for lunch on your own instead of with colleagues, as you know you need time to recharge. 

You check your phone to find the guy you’re dating canceled dinner plans again. Ouch. Without thinking, you place your hands over your heart, take a big breath in and a big breath out. This totally sucks, and you know you’ll be okay. 

You call your BFF on the way home, crank up your favorite playlist, and dance around your living room. You settle in for the evening with a glass of wine and the next book in the series you’ve been reading, cuddled up with your favorite 2- or 4-legged friend. You end the day by crawling into bed, content and at peace. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew you were already enough, just as you are? 

This, my friend, is your life with fierce self-confidence, and I can show you how to get there.

No self flagellating whip in sight! 


From the outside, you seem to have it all together. But on the inside, anxiety and doubt run rampant. It's time stop deferring to everyone else and start trusting yourself. It's time to slay your anxiety and finally live the life you've been dreaming about. 

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Navigate motherhood

Holy Moly! Motherhood feels sooooo much harder than you expected. You might ask, "What the heck is happening to my body?" or "Will I ever have another minute alone?" The uncertainty, exhaustion, and upheaval are no joke. 

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Ed Relapse

Transitions are high risk time for eating disorders to resurface. Let's proactively prevent eating disorder relapse during change and stressful life events (like dating, break-ups, getting married, moving, starting a new job, grief and loss). 

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Hey, I'm Lucy Smith, PhD!

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Your guide to upleveling your Eating disorder recovery

For over a decade, I’ve helped women not only recover from eating disorders but banish anxiety and doubt. I help women develop fierce self-confidence so they can stop deferring to everyone else and start trusting themselves. 

I have lived this. I had an eating disorder in college, and there is so much I know now that I wish I’d known earlier in my journey. I was “recovered” from my eating disorder but something still felt off. 

I worked all the time, was on autopilot in my relationships, and still felt like I needed to chase the next achievement to be “good enough.” The problem was, I needed to uplevel my recovery. After that, my life caught fire. I traveled more, got an Oculus Quest VR headset, and started a new business. I laughed more. I breathed more. I connected more. I loved more.  And…

I am going to show you exactly what I learned so you don’t have to waste more time trying to figure it out on your own (because they don’t teach you this in traditional ED therapy).

ditch your whip and stop being an asshole to yourself

speak your truth unapologetically instead of swallowing the bold statements and zinger comeback

ask for what you want and need *(permission permanently granted)

stop comparing because your self-worth > the number on the scale, the likes on social media, or the status of your job or relationship

Once you uplevel your Recovery You'll...

navigate through big feelings without missing a beat

get feedback from others without doubting yourself or falling to pieces

prioritize play and fun (ready to laugh so hard you almost pee in your pants?)

find freedom from guilt and obsession with your eating/weight/body

Bottom line: I will teach you how to uplevel your recovery so you can live with fierce self-confidence.

 There can be so much more.

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They didn't teach you this in IOP! 

Are you ready to take your recovery to the next level?

Fierce self-confidence begins with self-trust. And the best way to build self-trust is to show up for ourselves consistently.

Meditation is the BEST tool to listen to and trust ourselves.

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