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A 30-day guided journey to turn you into a kick ass, confident, consistent meditator

Meditation for "Bad Meditators"


You’ve totally bought into the idea of meditation, and you can easily list the potential benefits: less stress, more focus, more calm and peace. You think it’s something you “should” be doing, right up there with moving your body, getting enough sleep, and eating vegetables. However, you’re just not doing it.

You have good intentions, but you simply forget to meditate. You’ve downloaded the apps but rarely open them. You get busy and distracted with life. And when you do try to meditate, you’re not sure where to begin, and you often feel like you’re not doing it “right.” 

You really want someone to guide you through the process, teaching you this new skill rather than throwing you into unfamiliar territory where you have to figure it out on your own. You want someone who anticipates the obstacles that might arise and helps you work through them seamlessly. 

Wouldn’t it be great if an email were to arrive in your Inbox each morning, teaching and guiding you every step of the way?

Would you describe yourself as a "Bad Meditator"?

In your ability to meditate. 


You want to feel   

Journal prompts along the way, to help you reflect on your experience and consolidate your learning and wisdom.

Journal prompts

Most often via an audio file. Each practice connects to the teaching, with the goal of helping you embody the lesson. Most last around 7-9 minutes each. 

Daily Guided Meditation Practice 

Focus on the concepts and practices I’ve found most helpful, both personally and with my clients. (It's so much more than basic meditation.) 

Written Teachings

Delivered straight to your Inbox. Each email includes both a written teaching and a related guided meditation practice. 

Daily email for 30 days

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When you Join "Meditation for bad meditators," Here's what you'll get:

This program is So much more than basic meditation.

It's leveraging meditation to enhance your psychological well-being

Written Teachings

Daily Guided Meditation

Journal Prompts

What meditation and mindfulness are…and what they’re not

Goals, benefits, and principles of mindfulness and meditation

Common myths that get in the way

How to listen to and trust yourself

How to unstick from persistent and unhelpful thinking

How to understand and befriend your emotions

How to tap into and harness compassion

Here's what you'll learn: 

They say it takes 21-days to create a new habit, so this 30-day program gives you a little extra boosT in helping you develop the habit of a regular meditation practice. 

Each email includes a written teaching and a guided meditation practice (created and led by Lucy). 

You get an email in your Inbox every day for 30-days. 

Take the guesswork out of meditation practice. No more feeling lost and confused. No more trying to figure it out on your own. 

You can go at your own pace! The emails remain in your Inbox as long as you like, and you have lifetime access to the content. 

All the Details:

Cost is $47, which includes lifetime access to the content and practices. (This is far less expensive than one single therapy session!)

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30-day program

Meditation for "Bad Meditators"

Comprehensive program focused on meditation and self-compassion. Teaching + practice delivered to your email every day, for 30-days


Meet Lucy!

Human, Psychologist, wife, mom of 2, over-thinker

More in touch with myself (and life below my neck!)

Not as easily trapped in my head/thinking (such relief with this!)

Better able to be present, more often, in more contexts

Able to catch myself asleep, numbed out, not present

Much less anxious and much more connected to self and others. 

Meditation truly changed my life. I'm now...

If only I were always this chill! 

I believe meditation and self-compassion are the two most powerful practices I can offer my clients. When I raise the topic during therapy, most people have heard of meditation. They have a sense of what it is, perhaps they’ve tried some relaxation exercises, but they rarely have a consistent practice. I often hear “I know I should be meditating, but I just can’t get myself to do it.” Perhaps it falls down on the priority list or they’re not exactly sure what they should be doing or they don’t see immediate results so draw the conclusion it’s not working or isn’t worth it. Many clients have downloaded apps, but they either forget to use them or when they do log on, they feel overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. 

I wanted to help bridge this gap. I wanted to offer my clients a meditation regime that was clear and easy to follow. A plan that made meditation a no-brainer and that integrated the themes we often focus on in therapy. 

I've lived the benefits of meditation in my life.

How could I not share with anyone who would listen? 

Creating a program that makes sense, is clear, is easy to follow, and that makes a difference.

my greatest priority is...

There is immense power when we tap into life below our necks. Wisdom is knowledge that's embodied, and meditation practice is the perfect vehicle for this. 

I believe that...

Develop a sustainable meditation practice that you enjoy and understand...that feels relevant and useful. 

my goal is to help you...

And I liked the program so much that I wanted to share it with the rest of the world. 

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Can you be the expert on what you need and on what works for you?

I see meditation as a process that connects us to what’s within…that puts us more in touch with ourselves.

It’s YOUR practice. Own that. Embody that. Let it be. 

You have full permission to go at your own pace! From the outset of the program, we’ll talk about practical ways to help organize both the material and your journey through the program. 

What if I can’t commit to doing this every day for 30-days straight? 

You get this course for free! Just ask Lucy directly, and she’ll sign you up! Due to ethical considerations, you’re not eligible for meditation coaching or Voxer access if you’re a therapy client in Lucy’s private practice. 

What if I’m already Lucy’s therapy client? 

Although this program includes many concepts and practices I use in therapy, it is not psychotherapy. It's meditation/ mindfulness training, not psychotherapy. If you want/need therapy, reach out to Lucy directly @ to set up an appointment. 

Is this therapy? 

I recommend 15-20 minutes each day. The guided meditation practices range from 4-15 minutes, with most lasting closer to 7-10 minutes. 

How much time should I set aside for the program? 

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