Practice Being In Your Body

Last week we talked about New Year’s Resolution and the havoc they can wreak on ED recovery. One reason for this is that all the talk about bodies and dieting tends to put us in our heads, where we are THINKING about our bodies. And these aren’t just neutral, observational sorts of thoughts. Nope, they’re much more pernicious. 

A reminder on the white board in my office.





Flowing from inadequacy and not-enoughness. 

What if instead of THINKING ABOUT our bodies, we could practice BEING IN our bodies?

This is the invitation my clients and I have been sitting with, and it’s emblazoned on the white board in my office to remind us. 

If we’re more in our body, we connect with our breath.

With our body sensations.

With our emotions, including the not-good-enoughness, the insecurity, and the anxiety.

In other words, when we’re more in our body, we connect with ourselves. 

So what are some helpful ways to practice BEING IN our bodies? 

  • Pause. (Stillness.)
  • Place your hands over your heart. 
  • Take a breath. Or 3 slow deep breaths. 
  • Let it all belong. 

My favorite is to combine these. Pause. Place my hands over my heart. Take a few slow, deep breaths, as I let it all belong. 

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