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Last week we talked about New Year’s Resolution and the havoc they can wreak on ED recovery. One reason for this is that all the talk about bodies and dieting tends to put us in our heads, where we are THINKING about our bodies. And these aren’t just neutral, observational sorts of thoughts. Nope, they’re […]

Unstick from Difficult Thoughts and Feelings

Practice Being In Your Body

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It’s that time of year again: the season of New Year’s Resolutions. These often focus on weight loss, “healthy eating,” and going to the gym, which are topics that create a total nightmare for someone trying to recover from an eating disorder. Talk about ripe conditions to really stir up ED thoughts and behaviors!  “I […]

Unstick from Difficult Thoughts and Feelings

New Year’s Resolutions and Eating Disorder Recovery

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Do you relate to any of these?  Walking into (or out of!) a meeting, unsure of what you have to contribute.  Replaying a conversation with a friend, wishing you had said something different.  Interviewing for a new job and questioning if you’re really qualified for the duties.  Doubt. If you’re human, you’ve experienced it. So […]

Lucy curled up in doubt

Unstick from Difficult Thoughts and Feelings

Navigating Self-Doubt

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Recently, everywhere I turn, the Universe asks me this one question: “What are your wins?” My Mastermind coaching program has a weekly Facebook post called “Wednesday Wins” and my Full Focus planner asks me to list my “3 Biggest Wins” each week. (BTW, the Full Focus planned is a-mazing…I’ve only been using it a few […]

The Good Stuff

Wednesday Wins

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Last year I started co-hosting a podcast called Inspiration from the Couch with two friends and colleagues, Dr. Avery Hoenig and Dr. Jamie Wilson. Last summer (2021) we did an episode on The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner (click here to listen to the podcast episode!). One of Dooner’s recommendations is to lie down […]

The Good Stuff

Lie the Fuck Down: 6 Key Takeaways

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